The name Meredith means Guardian of the Sea and I think that set the tone for a lifelong love affair the the sea, it’s creatures, ocean/sailor folklore, and beach time. I once read “how inaccurate it is to call it Planet Earth for clearly it’s an Ocean” and I love that because the water is the only reason we exist. Growing up, shell hunting early morning walks on the beach with my mom, and late night flashlight crab explorations with my whole family excited for every little thing we discovered, while the moon beamed above, will always be childhood to me. I treasure those memories and now pass those little traditions on with my own family.  I love the feeling of just being in wonder. The mystery of the ocean and it’s almost infinite life forms, it’s changing of the tides, it’s ever changing mood have always brought a peace to me. Every movie, poem, song, image, book, scientific fact about the ocean speaks to me on a really beautiful level.  So, for the mermaid in everyone, Inspired by the sea, sand, and sun; The Opulent Waves Collection Summer 2022